Sahoni Ghosh accuses Tattvagat Roy of hurting Hindu sentiments, FIR lodged

Kolkata: Veteran leader and former Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy has lodged a police complaint against Bengali actress Sioni Ghosh. In fact, Saini shared a meme on Twitter, after which charges were filed against him. It has been alleged against Sayoni Ghosh that the feelings of Hindus have been hurt by this meme.

Mem of 2015

Sayoni Ghosh claims that the meme came from February 2015 and they did not share it, but it means someone else. He further added that his account had been hacked.

And Gata Roy has given this statement

And Gata Roy said, “You have committed an offense under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code. Be prepared to bear the consequences now.” Ghosh said on Twitter, “This post has been brought to my notice since February 2015, which is highly disliked.”

Saini’s account was hacked

Sayani Ghosh said that she came to Twitter in 2010 and after a while she stopped using Twitter and later she found out that her account had been hacked. He said that only after 2017 can he get his account back.

Saini deleted the post

Sayani Ghosh said, “Most of the posts have been deleted, but some unnecessary posts have been left to us.”

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