Saddened by the deaths of his two dogs, Salman did not take a break, sleeping continuously for 48 hours without shooting.

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London Dreams, starring Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Asin, has completed 11 years of release. The film was released on October 30, 2009. On this occasion, the director of the film Bipul Amritlal Shah shared some stories related to the film. In a conversation with a website, Bipul revealed how Salman shot important scenes in the film after the deaths of his dogs Mason and Mayajan.

Dissatisfied Salman continues shooting

Bipul said, “Even though the film was scheduled to shoot a musical concert, both of them died. Salman loved them both but he continued shooting. Even after the pack up, Salman shot till 7 in the morning, then he went to Mumbai from Karjat, his dog. The bodies were taken to Panvel Wall Farmhouse and they were cremated and returned to the set at 4pm to start shooting.

Salman knew that we had spent a lot of money on the concert scene, so to avoid loss he put his personal loss aside and did not take a break from shooting. He fired incessantly for 48 hours without sleep.

The clash of superstars was not seen

During the interview, Bipul further said that he was told not to work with the two superstars as it creates the possibility of ego clash. Apart from Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn was the main character in the film. But I did not see such a huge experience.

He said, ‘I was surprised because the shoot was like a picnic. I don’t think I smiled as much as I did on the set of London Dreams. On the one hand, Salman was always joking, on the other hand, Ajay was also giving his life in the set. Working with both superstars will always be special to me because they make me feel like home on set. Aditya Roy Kapoor also made his Bollywood debut with this film. The film was not a box office success.


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