Roshan God, wife of Jishan Ayub, shared a photo of her brother-in-law, who read the Special Marriage Act before shouting for Tanaj Kasar – Love Jihad

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  • Md. Zeeshan Ayub’s wife Rosika Agash shares a picture of her baby shower and reads about the special marriage law before the cry of love jihad

New controversy has started in the country after Tanishq’s controversial advertisement. In the midst of the controversy, actor Mo Zeeshan Ayub’s wife Rosika Agash shared a photo of her pregnancy while responding to the troll. Zeeshan Rosika is sitting in this picture. At the same time family members are seen bathing their baby. Rosica and Zeeshan were married in 2007. They both have a daughter, Rahi Khan, who was born in 2015.

Rosica mentions special marriage laws
With this post, Rosica writes – My baby shower .. I should share my thoughts. And read the Clearly Married Marriage Act before the cry of profit jihad. Earlier on Wednesday, actress Mini Mathur also gave an example of a happy marriage with director Kabir Khan. Mini also asked – how important is religion?

What is the Special Marriage Act of 1954
Marriage in India is under the law of different religions and under personal law. However, if people of two different religions want to marry each other, they must change their religion to one that is not necessary for everyone. To address this, a special marriage law was passed in 1954, under which people of different religions can change their religion and get married without changing their religion. However, under the Special Marriage Act, a marriage is considered complete only if no one complains within 30 days of sending the notice.


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