Rooks erupted at Ejaz Khan’s holy kiss, Kareena Sena has made serious allegations

New Delhi: Colors’ biggest reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ has a new twist every day. Sometimes there are fights at home over the show, sometimes even outside the house. While the show sees romance between Ejaz Khan and Pabitra Punia, the show is accused of spreading obscenity and promoting love-jihad. The Karni Sena has made this allegation.

The Karani army expressed dissatisfaction by kissing Ejaz Khan’s holy Punia. Karni Sena wrote a letter objecting to the producers of the show. Karni Sena has demanded to ban the show. In his letter, he explicitly wrote that if the show was not censored or banned, the Karni Sena would take action.

A fan page giving information about Bigg Boss tweeted the letter to Corney Sen. It says, ‘Bigg Boss is not only a pornographic show, it is also very cheap which is destroying India. Apart from this, it is also promoting profit-jihad. Recently, Ijaz Khan was seen kissing the sacred cheek. Colors also promoted this video a lot. We understand that this show is spreading obscenity, and promoting love-jihad. We are demanding from the Callers channel that ‘Big Boss’ should be banned. If it is not censored or banned, the Karni Sena will start a movement. Serials promoting love-jihad should be stopped

Let me tell you, there was a controversy about Bigg Boss 14 a few days ago. Jan Kumar’s statement about Marathi language surprised everyone. Shiv Sena threatened to stop the show. The show’s creators then had to apologize for this. At the same time John Kumar Sanu and his father Kumar Sanu also clarified.

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