Rohanpreet sang a romantic song in Punjabi, Neha Kakkar said – ‘Explain what this means’

People really like this video (Photo courtesy: Instagram @RohanPresingh)

In this video Rohanpreet Singh sings a few lines of a Punjabi song for his wife Neha Kakkar, which Neha does not understand.

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  • Latest version:November 2, 2020, 6:24 pm IST

New Delhi. Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar And after the wedding of Punjabi singer Rohanpreet Singh, many pictures and videos of their wedding ceremony are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, another video of the two of them has been released, which has been shared on Instagram on an account called VenueMunk. In this video, Rohanpreet is seen singing a song for Neha on stage.

People love this video
In this video, Rohanpreet sings a few lines of a Punjabi song for his wife Neha Kakkar, which is not understandable to Neha and he told Rohanpreet to explain what it means, so Rohanpreet said, ‘I mean you and you are mine… never leave. Now this video is on the internet. People love this video.

Let me tell you, Neha Kakkar recently gave information about her relationship with Rohanpreet through a post on her Instagram account, after which the marriage of the two was discussed. Neha and Rohanpreet visited the Gurudwara, after which a grand wedding ceremony was also arranged. Neha Kakkar had to work hard to get to where she is today. For him, the journey from Ishikesh to Mumbai was quite a struggle. Neha faced every situation in her life and then she became a music icon. Neha is one of the most popular playback singers in Bollywood today.


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