Riya Chakraborty’s neighbor claims that Sushant came out of the house on the evening of June 13, the day before his death, to drive.

15 days ago

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On the day of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, some new demands are being made. Now Riya Chakraborty’s neighbor has claimed that he knew an eyewitness that Sushant was getting Riya off the house on the evening of 13th June.

According to Riya’s neighbor, eyewitnesses saw Sushant throwing Riya at home, according to Republic TV. Sushant was driving and there was no driver. It was around 6– 6-: 30 in the evening. When Sushant died, eyewitnesses told him, Ore! It was dead, I saw Rhea get off on the evening of June 13th.

The BJP leader further said that Riya was at Sushant’s house on the night of June 13

Earlier, BJP leader and advocate Vivekananda Gupta also claimed that Riya had met him (Sushant) on June 13, a day before Sushant’s death. Riya met Sushant that night from 2 to 3 p.m. Later Sushant also left his house. In this case, Riya’s statement that he left Sushant’s house on June 8 is completely untrue.

Surjit Singh has made the same demand

Filmmaker and Karni Sena leader Surjit Singh Rathore also said in the past, “Riya Chakraborty was at Sushant’s house on the night before Sushant’s death, on June 13. However, Riya left the house the same night after an argument. Surjit was asked why three months after Sushant’s death. He later revealed that he had not disclosed the matter to the investigating authorities. In reply, Surjit said that the CBI had not approached him and it was published, but the media had missed his statement.

Siddhartha denied the claim

Talking to Times Now New Channel Siddharth about the matter, he categorically denied it and said that Riya did not meet Sushant on June 13. This news is false. In a statement to the CBI, Siddharth also said that Riya had left his house on June 6. Rhea also took a hard drive and a camera with her. Whose password Rhea knew.

Siddhartha was at Sushant’s house till June 14, the day of his death. Not only that, it has been alleged that Siddhartha first found Sushant hanging in the room.


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