Richa Chada has claimed victory in the defamation case, Payal Ghosh said, ‘The decision is under consideration, how is the victory?

Actress Payal Ghosh and Richa Chada – Photo courtesy – @ IPamayalghosh / Therikchada / Instagram

Defamation suit: Richa Chada shared a copy of the High Court verdict on her Instagram account, citing her victory in the case, then Payal Ghosh tweeted and the decision is still under consideration, how the win happened.

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  • Latest version:October 10, 2020, 7:57 p.m.

Mumbai The two actresses have been facing off since Richa Chadda’s name was revealed in the case with actress Payal Ghosh alleging sexual harassment against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Richa Chada has filed a defamation suit against Payal Ghosh, but there are reports that Payal Ghosh has sought an unconditional apology from the Bombay High Court, but Payal Ghosh has come out of court with an apology. Rejection. Richa Chadha recently shared a copy of the Bombay High Court judgment on his Instagram account, tweeting Payal Ghosh mentioning his victory in the case and the decision is still under consideration, how the victory happened.

In fact, Richa Chadda posted a copy of the court order on Instagram and wrote – “We won! Satyamev Jayate!” I am grateful to the Bombay High Court. The decision is now on public record. Easily available on the High Court website. October 12, which is described in sequence.

Following Richa Chad’s post, Pawel Ghosh responded on Twitter. He wrote in his tweet, ‘When the decision is under consideration and has not yet come, how can Miss Chapa claim to win the case. On 12th October, I agreed to accept the advice of the High Court to resolve the matter by mutual consent. ‘Contempt of court. Joy is being falsely claimed Let us tell you that Payal named Richar in one of his interviews, where he said that Anurag Kashyap told him that many more actresses including Richa are comfortable with him.


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