Review: ‘Luka Chupi’ In case of laughter with the audience, Luka plays Chupi

Director: Lakshman Utekar
Artist: Kartik Arya, Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Binoy Pathak, Apashakti Khurana

In the whole picture you put Pankaj Tripathi on one side and the rest of the stars on the other side. Needless to say, Pankaj Tripathi smiles alone while watching the film, the rest of the stars fail to come together and this is the biggest weakness of the film for me. Another thing to note in this film is that besides Pankaj Tripathi, there are also Vinay Pathak and Aparshakti Khurana who have a lot of grip on comedy. They must have come in the film but did not do comedy. If no action is taken from these actors in a comedy film, it is a sign of weakness. Will be considered as. Maybe I’m being too strict about the film here, but the truth is you won’t be fooled into watching the film because you get a lot of opportunities to laugh at the film and you get healthy entertainment but the fun can be doubled in this game of Comedy of Errors which didn’t happen. But still you have to try this film.

The story of the film is about the live-in relationship of a loving couple in Mathura.

The story of the film is about Guddu Shukla (Kartik Arya) of Mathura and Shukla’s family. Guddu is a news reporter on a local channel in Mathura. When Rashmi Trivedi (Kriti Sanon), daughter of Bahubali Trivedi G (Binoy Pathak) of the city, returned to Mathura for a few months after studying journalism from Delhi, her father suggested to the local channel editor that he stay there for some time. Give the intern’s work. Rashmi got a job as an assistant reporter in Guddu’s news report. Meanwhile, the Shukla family has many concerns that their middle son is not getting married. Guddu immediately falls in love with Rashmi and talks of marriage but Rashmi rejects his offer and in return he suggests that they stay in a live-in for some time. Meanwhile, when Guddu gets a chance to work in Gwalior, Rashmi also comes with him and then the two form their live-in relationship. Meanwhile, a complete swell of Comedy of Errors has arrived at the end of the film.

Pankaj Tripathi’s great performance in the film, it all fades

In terms of acting, it has to be said that Pankaj Tripathi stands above all in his small character. His work and his dialogues are extremely breathtaking. Whenever they come on the screen, make sure you hold your stomach and smile openly. Kriti Sanon has been cast in her role but if Karthik Aryan is seen well in some places, his lack is also seen in some places. One thing is for sure, comedians have to go a long way to learn comedy techniques. Evil Khurana has become Kartik’s friend in the film and his work is also quite interesting. The director is a little sad to have his hands and feet tied when it comes to jokes. Apart from the Shukla family or the Trivedi family, the members of both the families have done their job with complete sincerity.

Comedy errors form the basis of the film

Laxman Utekar, a photographer of Hindi and Marathi films, is a well-known name and with this film he started his innings of directing Hindi films. There are obstacles in his first journey, but his quality is also clearly visible. We can expect from them in the near future. The gist of this photo is very simple, what happens in town when lovers in a small town take on a live-in relationship. Storyteller Rohan Shankar has made this film as a love story and this story of Rohan Shankar has fascinated him. If you build the foundation of a small town and compare it to a woman, then this film stands behind it. If there is complete excitement in the ‘wife’ script, then loop holes can be seen in many places here. Trying to laugh in a few places has stumbled and many of the scenes have such Kartik Aryans, but actors like Vinay Pathak, Evil Shakti Khurana, Pankaj Tripathi have kept the film and did not allow it to be loose. . The real fun of this pole starts after the break when their poles are exposed and both families are involved in their marriage. Not a picture like ‘Luka Chupi’. Seeing this, you will hold your stomach and smile. But it is also true that you must invest two hours and five minutes in the film. If you want to see Pankaj Tripathi’s light-hearted entertainment and colorful jokes, you can go back to ‘Luka Chupi’ this week.


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