Revealing drug chat among Bollywood’s top actresses, DK asked on WhatsApp – do you have ‘products’?

A month ago

Many Bollywood celebrities are being implicated in the ongoing Drug Control Bureau investigation into the drug case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Recently, the names of Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor have been revealed in this case. On Monday, these few news channels also released WhatsApp chats among several big celebrities in Bollywood about drugs.

The name of the Bollywood celebrity who appeared in this drug chat started with S, N, D, K. All this is talking about drugs through WhatsApp. Republic TV showed a drug chat with the names of the two top actresses starting with D&K

It is said that the actress with D Varna is the current top actress, and RK is the top actress of the 90s in this letter. The conversation between the two took place on 28 October 2017.

DK who asked do you have ‘goods’?

10.03 in the morning (+ 91-992 ——-) D wrote- Who has your ‘product’?
10.05 am (+ 91-961 ——-) Who wrote- Yes, but at home. I am currently in Bandra.
10.05 am – wrote – I will talk to Amit if you want.
10.07 am – D writes- Yes, of course.
10.08 am- Who wrote- Amit is there, he is bringing.
10.12 am- D writes- Isn’t ‘hash’ coming?
10.12 am- D wrote- ‘Weeds’ are not needed.
10.14 am Who wrote- When are you coming Coco?
10.15 am- D writes- between 11.30 and 12
10.15 am- D wrote – How long will the shell last?
Who wrote – I think he said by 11.30, because he has to get somewhere else at midnight.

Chat with N, J and S in other chats

At the same time another chat among the fancy actresses of Times Now has started with the letters N, J and S. So you told NJ that you promised me a good MD (drug). We will party. In return JSK said- How do you make me a peddler? I am sending CBD oil.

Twenty people, including Riya, have been arrested in drug cases

Riya Chakraborty was arrested on September 8 in a drug case. He has been lodged in Mumbai’s Byculla Jail ever since. His bail application has been rejected twice. There are allegations against Riya for arranging drugs for Sushant. Riya has claimed that there are about 25 Bollywood celebrities in front of the NCB.

The NCB has so far arrested 20 people, including Riya and her brother Shovik, in the case. Among them are Sushant’s staff members and some drug dealers. The issue of drug links in Sushant’s case came to light after the WhatsApp chat in Riyadh came to light. The issue of buying medicine was revealed in the chat.


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