Returning home from Kokilaben Hospital, 611-year-old Sanju attended the children’s birthday party via video call

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Sanjay Dutt, 611, has returned home from Kokilaben Hospital after battling cancer. On Wednesday, he met his sister Priya Dutt outside his house. This time Sanju was wearing a pink kurta and white pajamas. Seeing the paparazzi, he shook hands with a smile.

Attending the birth of children through video calls

Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maniata shared a photo of her twin Shahran and Iqra’s 10th birthday party on Insta Story, where Sanjay Dutt joined via video call. Mantata and her two children are currently in Dubai.

On Wednesday, Sanju gave his own health update

On Wednesday, Sanjay Dutt himself gave an update on his health. He wrote in his post, “The last few weeks have been very difficult for my family and me but as it is said, his God gave his strongest soldier the hardest fight And and today on the birthday of his children in this fight I am very happy for this victory and their best gift We are able to provide health care and well-being to our families.

Sanju further wrote, “This would not have been possible without the unwavering faith and support of all of you. I thank my family, friends and all the fans who stood by me and gave me courage in this moment of testing. I especially thank Dr. Sevanti, his team and Kokilaben Hospital Thanks to the medical staff who took care of me over the last few weeks. “

The news of Sanjur’s recovery came to us first

The news of Sanjay Dutt’s recovery first reached the Daily Bhaskar. On Monday, Sanjay’s friend and trade analyst Raj Bansal told us that Sanju’s cancer has been cured. Apart from them, sources at Kokilaben Hospital also confirmed the matter. He said that Sanji’s positron emission tomography (PET) report was released on Monday, which proved that he was cancer free.

On August 11, cancer was revealed

Sanjay Dutt was admitted to Lilavati Hospital on August 8 after suffering from shortness of breath. Three days later, on August 11, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.


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