Response: There is no need to bring such a redundant rating system when you are bringing OTT platform in self-regulation – Pahlaj Nihalani

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2 hours agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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The government has introduced a guideline for the OTT platform. In it, the OTT platform is divided into age-based content categories, ranging from creating self-regulatory bodies, to 13 years, 16 years and one category. Above all, how effective this guideline of the government will be. Let’s get to know the officers-employees who are on the censor board and connected to the cinema Pahlaj Nihalani Replied

No rating system is required
Two things are being mixed in it. Then a U, U / A and A in the rating system. In today’s era, U Clean picture and U / A means a 12 year old child can see a picture with his parents. Pictures of an adult can be seen by any child over the age of 18. Now let’s say it’s about OTT and it’s about self-control, but rating doesn’t mean that. Now the era is changing so much that there is no need to bring so many rating systems from U to U / A. No problem with U and U / A The issue is between U / A and Adult and A and then the issue

  • Second, one must come for the age of 21, because after 21 years one is eligible for marriage. The content that is now on display at OTT is over 21 years old. If you bring OTT platform for self-regulation, there is no need to bring such unnecessary rating system. If you want to apply, bring it for 12 to 15 and 15 to 21 years. So many years have passed, yet you are still wandering in the same world. Say there is liberation, you are giving liberation to OTT, then give liberation to the film industry, it also brings self regulation. Then what is the need of censor board in cinema.
  • How can two principles be proud? That means showing everything on OTT and resting on the hard work done in the movies. No problem, there are three ratings. What’s funny is that the content that is being displayed on OTT at the moment, which people are objecting to, people are going to court, is a matter of obscenity and violence. Adult content that did not pass the movie is being displayed on OTT.
  • After all, sex and pornography will come in key ratings! When they reacted to the dirty matter, the court took action with the producer who determined the actor content. Then where is the matter! Why is the minister having so much trouble !! The sensor board should then be turned off. However, there is not even a proper officer. In my opinion, what Prakash Javadekar has picked up today is completely wrong. The industry should move to self-regulation. The manner in which officers are being appointed to the censor board cannot be accepted. They don’t work and they have the key to harassing people.

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