Rekha did not agree to do the film, but said in an interview with Mangalmanama Sonar Chain – I am only thirsty for two things.

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  • Talking point with Bhavana Somaiya Rekha birthday special; Rekha did not agree to film but gave Mangalwarna a gold chain, the interview said I am only thirsty for two things.

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Rekha’s ‘goddess’ Rekha is known to the world as ‘Diva’ and her fans are often eager to see her at some awards ceremony. “The day the line starts behaving like the line will be the last day of the line,” he said as he discussed the attitude of the stars with me one day. He insisted he would never change – ‘at least I pray he should be like me’. Then the line dreamer, very sensitive.

Years have changed over the decades. ‘Stardom’ saw many ups and downs. But the originality of the line remained as he had promised. On his birthday (October 10), I am presenting my old memories with him as a special gift as a memorial.

They stopped saying it would be hot outside

It has been around since 1977. Sri Sound Studio, Mumbai. I started reporting. That day I drove straight from my college to the studio. With some hesitation I knocked on the door of her makeup room. Someone opened the door. Rekha, on the other hand, looked in the mirror and signaled me to come inside. I told him I was here to interview him. They said they still had to be ready. But if he has some time later, he will answer my question. I went back to go and they stopped me and said it would be hot outside. I can wait in their own room.

For the first time a star was cast in his character

I sat in the corner and looked at the makeup man. She would occasionally put pink on her face and black shadows on her eyes. Now it’s the hairdresser’s turn after the makeup man is finished. He made several locks of their long hair and tied them together and turned them into a large comb. Attached were small silver bell-colored pins that would ring now and then. After that Rekha wore a Bengali sari. This is the first time I see a star actor in his character, fascinated.

Bhabna Somaiya, renowned film writer, critic and historian

Bhabna Somaiya, renowned film writer, critic and historian

Rekha was anxious for good food and many hours of sleep

Rekha sat in a high chair. One of his assistants wore a pajeb on his feet. Then, he turned to me and said, ‘You left the set before you finished your interview immediately.’ I had very general questions about his shooting and fitness schedule for the line.

He said he doesn’t get time for fitness because he works two-three, three-three shifts. He said, ‘I am dieting very strictly these days and it is very painful for me. Being overweight is like a curse here and life is deprived of small pleasures. Nowadays I’m just craving for two things. Good food and many hours of sleep. I can’t find both of them, oops! ‘

The publisher told me the story related to the line

Soon a call came from the set and I got out. Suddenly I met Dhirendra Kishan. He introduced himself as a line preacher. They were going where I was going. He offered to leave me at home. On the way Dhirendra Kishan told me a funny anecdote about the line. He said he wanted to take Rekha in a film of his home production and he avoided her regularly.

He removed the gold chain from Tirupati’s neck

One day, under constant stress, Rekha put him in her car and left her outside Hema Malini’s bungalow, saying, “If you want to finish your picture, sign Hema Malini. I don’t believe it.” Kishan said to me, ‘Tell me, which other actress will do this?’


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