Regarding the coverage of channels, the Bombay High Court said that the media has lost control over itself, the central government should think about it.

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  • Bombay High Court on media trial in Sushant’s death case says media has lost control over itself, central government should think about it

4 days ago

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The next hearing of the media trial petition in the Sushant Singh Rajput case will be on October 19.

  • Riya Chakraborty, Rakul Preet Singh have also appealed to the media for a trial against them
  • A Bollywood team is now retaliating by filing regular defamation cases on the channels.

The Bombay High Court on Friday expressed concern over the self-reduction control of electronic media. The court said the central government should take appropriate steps to control the problem of media trials. A bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Dutt and Justice GS Kulkarni wondered why there was no constitutional body to regulate electronic media like print media.

Referred to by the Press Council
The bench said this during the PIL hearing. It demanded that the media conduct a trial on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Chief Justice Dutt asked Anil Singh, Assistant Solicitor General of India – there is a press council for print media. There is a censor board for movies. Why don’t you think of such a body for electronic media.

The self-control process fails completely
The Assistant Solicitor General, however, insisted on self-control rather than external control in court. With this, the bench said that the self-regulation system of the media has completely failed. “We are concerned about the current situation,” Justice Kulkarni said. What should be the treatment once self-control fails? It is a matter of concern that we are in a situation where it is completely over.

The chief justice said the whole system would collapse
The Chief Justice warned that if the right action was not taken at the right time, the whole system would collapse. The values ​​of those who make the constitution will have no meaning. What will happen to our favorite Bella. There will be nothing like brotherhood. The freedom of the media is a fundamental right. However, he cannot violate anyone else’s rights by this. It cannot be uncontrolled.

The ASG said the media was hoping to understand responsibility
“We are not against investigative journalism, but about their limitations, which should not be exceeded,” the bench said. After many years of hard work an image is created, which can only be completed by a report. The ASG then told the bench that we expect the media to maintain its responsible attitude until law and order is established. However, with the passage of time we must think seriously about it.

The next hearing in the case will be on October 19. Senior Advocate Arvind P Datar will file an affidavit on behalf of NBCA.

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