Regarding the complaint of Kshitij’s lawyer Satish Manshinde, the NCB said – drugs could have been found from his house, if he had been tortured he would have been in court

Mumbai24 days ago

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The NCB has clarified the allegations made by Kshitij Ravi Prasad’s lawyer Satish Manshind. The NCB has issued a press release emphasizing the issue. In which it is said that it was done maliciously incorrectly.

The Mumbai unit legally arrested Kshitij Ravi Prasad after the amount of drugs recovered from his house. Along with this his lawyer and family (his mother) were also told legally. The NCB has made it clear that we have also allowed his wife and father-in-law to visit.

Narcotics further clarified that Horizon was not cooperating in the investigation, the information of which was also brought to the notice of the concerned court. Based on this, we remanded him in police custody after a medical checkup.

Satish had lodged a complaint against the NCB

Kshitij’s lawyer, who was arrested in a Bollywood drug case, made serious allegations against the NCB. In it, Satish said that the drug lords pressured Kshitij to make a wrong statement so that he could include the names of famous people like Karan Johar, Somen Mishra, Rakhi, Apurba, Neeraj, Raheel in the statement.

When Kshitij refused, Samir told Wankhade that he would teach him a lesson and put him on the floor next to his chair and gave him his shoes. Satish also complained that nothing was recovered from Kshitij’s house, but police showed the cigarette butt as a joint in Panach. Discussions from all media houses to social media.

Harijan did not mention torture in court

When he was produced in court again after police custody, the court did not notice any such misconduct. It is clear that Harijan was not physically abused in the custody of the NCB.

Not only that, Kshitij himself did not mention any such misconduct. The NCB has described the media reports as completely true and baseless. The Department of Narcotics says this is untrue.

The NCB has given its explanation but in this high profile case of Bollywood more such allegations and counter allegations will continue. In such a situation, the narcotics department also has to avoid the mistakes made by the Mumbai police.

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