Regarding Deepika’s drug connection, Kangana said, “As a result of frustration, Shehla Rashid writes,” You are blaming the victims of depression.

A month ago

Kangana Ranaut wrote emphatically about Deepika Padukone – repeat after me, frustration is the result of drug abuse.

  • Kangana wrote in her tweet that the rich star children of high society ask their manager, ‘What is that?’
  • Twitter user surrounds Kangana and writes: Depression is not the result of drug abuse or rich kids syndrome

Deepika Padukone’s name has come up in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case drug case. On top of that, Kangana Runot conducted an investigation on her, which was carried out by Shehla Rashid, former vice-president of the JNU student union. Kangana writes, ‘Repeat after me, frustration is the result of drug abuse. The so-called high society rich star kids, who claim to be enthusiastic and well nurtured, ask their managers, “What’s the matter?”

Shehla Rashid Wrote – You are blaming the victims for the frustration
Shehla Rashid wrote, ‘Hello Doctor Runot. Depression is not the result of drug use or the syndrome of wealthy children. By making these imaginary connections you are stigmatizing people who are struggling with depression and breaking the courage to ask for their help.

Kangana also hits the back
Regarding Shehla’s tweet, Kangana wrote, ‘I only talked about Deepika’s mental illness case. When you get depressed you can’t play with your mind and start taking drugs, just like he took. I talked about that particular case and gave an example mentioning his name. But I know you pretend not to understand. “

Deepika ordered medicine from her manager
The report quoted the NCB team investigating the drug connection as having rekindled a long chat between Deepika and her manager Karisma Prakash. Deepika is asking for drugs from Karisma. There are also two people named Amit and Shail. It is not yet clear who Amit and Shail are. It is claimed that Deepika’s codename is D and Karisma’s codename is K. (Deepika Padukone may be questioned by Drug Bureau this week – read full story here)


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