Regarding Aditya Narayan’s marriage, father Udit Narayan said, “The son said only one thing. If something happens later, don’t blame the parents.”

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  • Regarding Aditya Narayan’s marriage, father Udit Narayan said, “The son was told only one thing, don’t blame the parents if something happens later.”

Kiran Jain3 days ago

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Singer-host Aditya Narayan is going to marry Shweta Agarwal, co-star of his film ‘Shapit’ soon. During a recent conversation with Daily Bhaskar, Aditya’s father Udit Narayan shared some issues related to his son’s marriage.

Wishing all the best to Corona:

Udit Narayan said, “Aditya and Shweta are getting ready for marriage and if all goes well, we will marry her on December 1. Honestly, we did not want to marry Aditya this year. We hope that if there is only one boy, he will marry her very stylishly.” Although Corona has spread all these aspirations.After much thought we have decided that this year we will give her a new responsibility.Married in Mumbai will be performed among the few people among all the formalities, honestly, I sincerely wish that the wedding should be done in the most stylish way, About 300 people are involved, but will not go against the government’s order. I hope the situation will improve a bit by December. I can enjoy my only son’s wedding. “

We also tried to show her the girls:

Regarding Aditya’s decision to marry, Udit Narayan said, “I have known her for many years but as Aditya’s only friend. Obviously like every parent we also wanted Aditya to settle down as soon as possible. We tried to show her many daughters but she did not agree.

If something happens later, don’t blame the parents:

I remember on August 31, he came to me and said Dad, I decided to get married. He was a little shocked to hear this but then gave him a chance to keep his whole word to himself. Then Aditya told me about Shweta that they have known her for 10 years and want her to be her life partner. I just told her not to blame her parents if anything happens later.

If he said, I would find a good girl for him:

I have done a lot for her so far, she would have found a good girl if she had called. But now they have grown up. We rejoice in his bliss. Just then any boy and girl will agree, what will Kazi do? “Let us tell you that on December 1, Aditya and Shweta will get married in a temple in Mumbai, where only 50 people can attend.


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