Rear lawyer complains – Sushant’s family is interfering in the investigation, warns – the court will knock on the door to close it if necessary

15 days ago

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Lawyer Sushant Singh on behalf of Riya Chakraborty’s party has accused Rajput’s family and their lawyers of “interfering and tampering with the investigation”. Advocate Satish Manshinde, who is fighting in the case of Riya Chakraborty and her brother Shovik, said Sushant’s family and lawyers were suspicious of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and AIIMS forensic team investigation. Lawyers have warned that they will take the matter to court.

Accused of viral audio

Advocate Manshinde said in Sushant’s case in the death and drug case that the CBI was investigating the cases independently and impartially. This organization is considered unspoken and interference-free. It is disturbing that Sushant’s family and her lawyers are interfering in the investigation. During the investigation, the Ames team spoke to him, pressured him and allegedly leaked audio conversations and information to the media. Potential witnesses were also pressured and humiliated.

The sisters went to the High Court for an FIR against them

Meanwhile, Sushant’s sisters Priyanka Singh and Mitu Singh have recently moved the Bombay High Court. Riya had complained against Sushant’s sisters that he was giving her drugs without a prescription. The petition filed by the sisters states that the complaint and the FIR show that it is not a cognizable offense. There is no barrier to the drugs described.


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