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New Delhi Filmmaker Karan Johar has a new series on Netflix. The name ‘Fantastic Lives of Bollywood Wives’. This picture is being shown from November 27th.

Mixed reactions
Shortly after the first eight episodes of the series were released on Netflix, there were good and bad opinions on Twitter. Some users have described it as good, while others have criticized it.

Individual claim
Some users call it flattery and accuse it of being sensitive. Some are coming out in favor of it and keeping their word. Those who appreciate the film say that it is a good show showing the problems of celebrity families. He further claimed that the film is also quite good in terms of entertainment.

Star kids trouble
Comedian comedian Srivastava was one of those who was present for the film. He tweeted, ‘This picture tells how much the star kid has to fight to fight. Compared to other actors, Star Kid is in big loss due to not getting Hindi.

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One user was of the opinion, ‘The name of the series should have been’ Fake Life of So Called Bollywood Wives ‘…’

The series is controversial
The series became controversial shortly after its release, when Madhur Bhandarkar accused Karan Johar of abusing his title.
Madhur Bhandarkar also wrote a letter to The Film and Television Producers Guild, claiming that the film company had denied Karan Johar a request to use the title ‘Bollywood Wife’. . Later, the matter was raised at the request of Karfan Johar’s Muffi.

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