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Rahul Vaidya reached Siddhi Binayak after the bracelet given by Salman Khan.

The final of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ ended recently, with actress Rubina Dilak being declared the winner, and Rahul Vaidya second.

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New Delhi. TV’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss 14 came to an end recently, with actress Rubina Dilak declared the winner, and Rahul Vaidya second. Rahul Vaidya may get second place in the show, but his popularity has already increased a lot. (Read full news)

Nowadays the word ‘pavri’ is on everyone’s tongue. It was made famous by Dani Mobin, a girl from Pakistan. That Power Girl The name has become famous all over the world In fact, this funny video of her has been released, where she talks about having a party, but instead of pronouncing the party correctly, she calls it Pavri. Only this thing of today has made him famous among the people. This time Danani’s Mubin has appeared in a different style. (Read full news)

Bollywood actress Shwarya Rai Bachchan and actor Abhishek Bachchan His daughter Aradhya (Aradhya) is also present on social media. Nowadays, the family dance of these three is going viral on social media. In fact, Ish was married to Shwarya’s cousin Shlok Sethi. To take part in this marriage, husband Shwarya brought her husband Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aradhya. The whole family looked very beautiful in traditional Indian traditional dress. Aishwarya looked very beautiful in a silver dress, while the girl looked very beautiful in a pink gown. He wore his traditional pajama kurta. (Read full news)

Today is the birthday of Bhagyashree, a Bollywood actress who has left the world of film despite being at the peak of her success in Bollywood. She became the country’s favorite actress with Maine Pyaar Kiya. (Read full news)In the 14th episode of TV’s most popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ Rakhi Sawant The entry made the show quite interesting. Rakhi entertained her fans intensely on the show and managed to place Afna in the top five of the show. At the same time, in the final of the recent show, Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone when she came out of the show with Rs 14 lakh in the final. This year’s winners were Rubina Dilak, Rahul Vaidya at number two and Niki Tamboli at number three. (Read full news)


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