Read in Bhojpuri – Gandhiji’s idea of ​​Ramraj in London should be around ten, know

VaSecondary Civilization: A profound difference in the understanding of European civilization and the roots of European civilization achieve the goals of violence, terror, coercion, bloody revolution. Where Gandhiji should be considered as an obstacle in achieving the goal of India’s independence. It is possible to continue speaking by this step until the fear continues. There were three discussions between Gandhiji and Savarkar from London to India on this issue and the difference between the two is understood. Especially about the sanctity of accomplishment. To Gandhiji the means are usable between seeds and seeds and trees where Savarkar’s goal is to make everything fair. Savarkar and his party assassinated any of Colonel Wiley to avenge the British oppression in India at the hands of District Magistrate Jackson to avenge the British oppression in India. This Dawa Savarkar came and made it bitter. Regarding Savarkar’s teachings, Nathuram Godse told us that even a change of feeling sometimes comes naturally to the soul, a feeling of empathy.

I did not mean to say that compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love, seeking opportunities for dialogue between enemies and trying to reach an agreement, continued from the beginning to the end of Gandhiji’s life. On 24 October 1909, Mahatma Gandhi and Binayak Damodar Savarkar met in London in an attempt. When people turn around, they announce their future strategy in the context of India’s independence under the pretext of discussing Ram Rajya. Ideally, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a fierce opponent of each other, and Binayak Damodar Rao Savarkar’s E Dushraka met at India House in London exactly 121 years ago today, 121 years ago today, ten days later at India House. On the condition of this meeting, I decided that the food prepared on the occasion of Dussehra should be vegetarian and the poets did not discuss political issues. Gandhiji will have to repay his family and his community by promising to avoid the three birds while he is abroad before moving to London. Wine, meat and meat. In our country, Purnia Logan should believe that traveling across the sea will destroy human religion.

For this, Gandhiji’s elders somehow cut off his bed and sent him to study abroad. Gandhiji laid down the condition of vegetarian food in a ceremony planned at India House for the sake of his life. In addition to politics, the character propositions about the poet Killi. Accra met Gandhiji at Savarkar in London in 1996. When Gandhiji went to London with work in South Africa. The effect of Savarkar’s violent revolutionary ideology for India’s independence on the educated youth of India can be understood very closely. Until then, Satyagraha’s experiments based on Gandhiji’s true non-violence in South Africa should proceed slowly to their end. Akra, the opposite ideal Savarkar, come and stay with the team. O believe in Logan’s violence and murder. To fulfill his purpose, BD Savarkar came in 1899 and organized a meeting with his brother Ganesh Savarkar Milli, a secret organization of revolutionaries at the Mitra Mela in Nashik. Later, in 1904, Abhinav Bharat was renamed as Mitra Mela by a gathering of about 200 young men and women from several cities in Maharashtra. When BD de Savarkar went to London in 1906 to study law, his entire army arrived in London. . This is how Logan’s revolutionary movement must continue. As a result of this movement, on the evening of July 1, 1909, Colonel William Hat Curzon Vyali, the political adviser to the Secretary of State for India, arrived with his wife at a meeting of the Indian National Association, where he was shot dead by Madan Lal Dhingra. Madanlal Dhingra was hanged at the age of 23 on August 1, 1909 for murder. Madanlal Dhingra studied mechanical engineering at Gayle Rahlan in London. He came in contact with BD Savarkar. Dhingra’s family remained loyal to the British. Madanlal Dhingra knew Colonel Wali well and kept in touch with him. Kahl e Jala Ki Savarkar Abhinav Bharat will be the member, he will be handed over. The goal has just been set, with that instruction our faces will not be able to see. Against the same background, the meeting between Gandhiji and Savarkar was held on 24 October 1909 at India House in the decade.

Madanlal Dhingra, a 23-year-old youth, hangs fresh. Gandhiji made a public statement in England about this execution that we thought came in a degree of insanity to kill him. Drunk alcohol and marijuana should not be drunk. There was also an intoxication of anxious thoughts. Intoxicated by Sri Dhingra, Gandhiji continued to say that if the British left the country after the assassination of Aisan, would Logan be ruled by Kakar? Gandhiji replied that privacy was then killed. Calling the killer Gore Hokhe, the goodwill of India could have been avoided by Aisan Raj. On the occasion of the festival, Savarkar called on his followers to prepare vegetarian food as per Gandhiji’s conditions for a feast to celebrate Dussehra at India House London. The first student of the meeting, Gandhiji Baithir, a student studying in Logan, made a potato dessert. According to Dussehra celebrations, everything is happy in a happy atmosphere. The occasion of Gandhiji’s first speech at the meeting shook. Recognizes Jisan or Dussehra as the victory of untruth, truth against injustice, victory of justice.

Gandhiji’s religious thought should be influenced by Gita, Tulsi Ramcharit Manas, devotee poet Narsi Mehta Shri Rajchandraji. Under the condition of Gandhiji and Savarkar going to the meeting, people talk about their future strategy in India without considering politics. Gandhiji was the first to address the meeting. In the context of Ramayana, it has been said that this Aisan lesson or Jawan can teach you the truth for the sake of suffering. Ramji’s Exile for Truth Sitaji remained Ravana’s captivity and showed his holiness and tolerance. As a brother, miserliness in Lakshmana’s forest is itself a progressive. Gandhiji gave a clear speech and said that it is true that this sacrifice for austerities can lead to the independence of India. I am sure that truth prevails over falsehood. Gandhiji told me that the path of non-violence for India’s independence is not a path in itself, it is a goal that the youth will aim for their independence. It is true that Savarkar used it for the purpose of clearing the purpose of this story of Ramayana. Ravana ji Daman of Bawat Badan, be a symbol of injustice, Ramraj can be established after Okar’s Bhad.

The destruction of the wicked is possible The Savarkar praised Durga and said that the wicked need to be eradicated. According to Savarkar, the evil Ravana should be valued in India’s freedom struggle. Gandhiji wanted to save Indian civilization according to the basic nature of India under the pretext of freedom struggle. Desired to be established as the original form of civilization. The ideal of this civilization became the rule of Ram Rajya. A system based on religious knowledge controlled by locality on the basis of justifiable prudence. Where everyone has strong, weak and equal rights. With the help of empty balls, we do not have the natural right to overcome the weakness of strong people. Civilization Shik Transfer Above us, in the light of these values ​​of Indian civilization, Gandhiji’s vision comes true in the form of the ideal of Ram Rajya.

Much of India’s revolutionary Logan’s thought should have been inspired by anarchists in Italy, Germany, Japan and the United States. Remain indifferent Gandhi’s prospects for India’s success and independence should be doubtful in Gandhi’s eyes. Gandhi, then 40, failed to agree with the kind words of Savarkar, then 26, at the time. He was returning to London after completing his mission in South Africa, and on his way back home between 23 November and 23 November 1909, Hind Swaraj Jason coincided with the writing of a rare book. This book went ahead with the declaration of independence of India.


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