Reacting to the reaction of ex-boyfriend Himanshu Kohli, Neha Kakkar and Rohan said at Preet’s wedding – ‘She is moving forward in life, it is a joy for me’

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  • Reacting to the marriage of Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet to ex-boyfriend Himanshu Kohli, ‘She is moving forward in life, it is a joy for me’

15 days ago

Popular musician Neha Kakkar is in the news these days for her wedding. According to reports, Singer is going to marry Rising star Rohan Preet Singh on October 23. However, no confirmation has been received from these two reports so far. Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar’s ex-boyfriend Himanshu Kohli has expressed happiness over Neha’s marriage. He believes that if Neha goes ahead with her life, it is a good thing.

Talking about the news of Neha and Rohan Preet’s marriage, Himanshu Kohli told the Times of India that he did not know before the love story of the two. But he is a good thinker of Neha. The actor said, ‘If Neha is really married then I am very happy for her. He is moving forward in his life. He has someone and it’s great to see.

Neha – Himanshu had a relationship for 4 years.

After the separation of Himanshu and Neha, both were in quite a discussion. Neha was so broken after the separation that she cried during the shooting of Indian Idol. On all this, Himanshu said, ‘I don’t know why all Neha’s secret posts on social media were linked to me even though she was not in my favor. These were misinterpreted in the media right, left, everywhere Relationships and breakups are a common part of life. Sometimes when two people are together, they realize that they are not right for each other. It happened and it happened ‘.

Neha Kakkar and Himanshu have been in a relationship for four years since 2014. It was reported that the two would get married soon, but in the meantime, the news of their separation came to light. After that Neha’s name was also associated with Aditya Narayan. Aditya is the host of Indian Idol where chemistry is seen between the two. Udit Narayan also appeared as a special guest during the show where he called Neha as his daughter-in-law. But all this was done only to increase the TRP of this show.

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