Re-entering the house of Kavita Kaushik’s Bigg Boss 14, it was the family’s reaction

New Delhi: There have been many twists in the previous episodes of Bigg Boss 14. Kavita Kaushik re-entered the show. Following in the footsteps of popular celebrities and Bigg Boss, the four members decided to re-enter the Bigg Boss house of poetry. They have returned to the country with the consent of the four.

A panel of four decided to enter the poetry house
Salman Khan Bindu took the views of Dara Singh, Kamya Punjabi, Survi Chandana and Aarti Singh. He was elected when the panel reached a decision. Kavita Kaushik was trolled for Ejaz Khan’s treatment and it was also reported to be bad. Perhaps the poem suffered in the form of an eviction.

Poetry questioned
The panel asked Kavita the reason for leaving her home and the reason for her return. Everyone seems to agree that the poem answers this question. Satisfied with his answer, the four poets agreed to go to the house of the Big Boss.

Poetry realized his mistake
Regarding his decision to go home, Kavita said that he realized his mistake and did not want to repeat the same mistake again. After going home, everyone welcomed him. Ijaz welcomed him home without any bad reaction. At the same time, Nayana Singh became very emotional after seeing the poem.

Naina Singh may be homeless
At the moment, poetry is trending on social media today. Many people say that their entry will make the show annoying. I say, on the one hand there is the entrance to the poetry house, on the other hand a contestant is going to be homeless. Nominated by Rahul Vaidya, Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit. According to reports, there is speculation that Naina Singh will be homeless this week.

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