Ravi Kishan went viral with Shuvi soaked in water

This video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube so far (Photo courtesy: Video Grab – YouTube)

Robi Kishan (Robi Kishan) who has worked for the film industry, he worked hard for this project and because of this his popularity among the audience is very high.

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New Delhi. Apart from Southern films from the Bhojpuri film world, they have established a distinct identity of their own in Bollywood. Robi Kishan (Robi Kishan) The audience’s heart has been ruling over the years because of its great performance. He works hard for anyone who works for the film industry, and that’s why his popularity is so high among audiences.

Vajal is Bhojpuri song ‘Jason Chahani’
Although Ravi Kishan’s face is not lacking across the country, his popularity among Bhojpuri audiences is much higher. That is why the songs of Bhojpuri movie starring Ravi Kishan are going viral on social media. Nowadays, another Bhojpuri song by Ravi Kishan ‘Jason Chahani’ is going viral on the internet. This video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube so far. Check out this Bhojpuri song by Ravi Kishan …

In this song, famous Bhojpuri actress Shubh Sharma is seen with Ravi Kishan. This song shot in the middle of the water seems to have received a lot of love from the audience. Ravi and Shuvi are seen in the same color in every shot of the song.


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