Ravi Kishan and Nagma’s super hit Bhojpuri song

Ravi Kishan and Nagmar Bhojpuri Song (Ftop Grab – T-Series Hummer Bhojpuri / YouTube Video)

The Bhojpuri song of Ravi Kishan (Ravi Kishan) and Nagma (Nagma) is back on social media.

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Mumbai The Bhojpuri film industry is making tremendous progress these days. On the one hand, shooting of Bhojpuri films is going on abroad now, on the other hand, the fan following of Bhojpuri stars is increasing rapidly. At the same time, although the industry has changed a lot, the fan following of a superhit couple in the industry has not diminished yet. This pair is Ravi Kishan (Nagi) and Nagmar. Both of them started their careers as actors, after which both of them started a new journey in politics. The fan following of these two was quite strong in the Bhojpuri industry. These two pictures and Bhojpuri songs were hits. At the same time, fans are thinking of this pair once again.

In fact, recently Ravi Kishan And a super hit Bhojpuri song of Nagma is going viral on social media. This Bhojpuri song is from Rabikishan’s movie ‘Pandit Ji Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi’. Released in 2005, all the songs in the film were hits, but one of the songs, ‘Lehanga Lata Dev Remote Se’, was much loved by the audience. At the same time, people are still liking this song. This is why this song is still trending on YouTube.

The romantic chemistry of the two of them in this song is driving their fans crazy. This romantic song has been viewed more than 577 times on YouTube by Ravi, more than 7 times. Ravi Kishan is called Shahrukh Khan of Bhojpuri cinema. Apart from Bhojpuri, he has also worked in Bollywood and Tollywood. He has also made films with big superstars like Salman and Akshay Kumar. In 2019, the BJP gave him Ravi Kishan’s Lok Sabha ticket from Gorakhpur. He won the election from here and reached the parliament.


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