Ranveer Shorey wants to legalize Ganaja in India, reminding him of the old law

Ranveer Shore (Photo Credit – @RanvirSore / Instagram)

Speaking of cannabis, Ranveer Shorey was in favor of legalization in India. During this time, he spoke openly about the spread of drug use in Bollywood.

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  • Latest version:October 10, 2020, 10:25 AMST

Mumbai Ranveer Shore, the busiest star in the industry these days, released many of his projects during the lockdown. His films from ‘Lootcase’ to ‘High’ have been much acclaimed. Apart from this, Ranveer Shorey is one of the Bollywood stars who is openly expressing his views on every issue. Recently, Ranveer Shorey has spoken openly on many issues in his latest interview. At this point, when he was asked about drug use in Bollywood, he spoke openly about it. During the conversation, he also talked about legalizing cannabis in India.

Ranveer Shorey There were questions about the use of drugs at Bollywood parties and whether the NCB is investigating the case. Ranveer Shourie from Hindustan Times Gossip During this speech- ‘I think that the use of drugs in Bollywood is as it is in society. I have also seen the use of drugs in non-party parties in Bollywood.

During the interview, Ranveer Shorei said that medicine should be made a legion in India. “I believe cannabis should be legalized in India,” he said. It is based on a very old law. It is also legal in many countries. I believe we are still in a colonial hangover. Those laws are 100 years old and have not changed yet. Ganja is one of those laws. The rules regarding marijuana should be very strict and change.


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