Rani’s opinion: Kangana Ranaut believes that cheating is traditional and Hinduphobic, Twitter should be banned in India

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10 minutes ago

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Kangana Ranaut, who took charge of social media from her team, described Twitter as a Hindu phobic and international platform. Kangana added that the micro-blogging site should be banned in India. Wrote. The actress’s thoughts came at a time when #BANTWITTER was trending on Twitter.

Kangana informed the Twitter fraudsters
The actress wrote in her tweet – a rare picture of me with my father. Which is something we have looked at. However, we both had no idea what it was. Okay, it sounds like the government may ban Twitter. It needs to happen in India too. We do not even need such deceptive Hindu phobic and anti-national platforms.

That’s why there was a demand to ban Twitter
Parts of the Union Territory are in Leda, Ladakh, but Twitter has described it as part of Jammu and Kashmir for which it could be suspended or blocked in India. The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has already issued a notice on Twitter. A notice issued by the Global Vice President of Twitter on November 9 states that Twitter has consistently described Leh as part of Jammu and Kashmir. It is invalid because of the sense of sovereignty of the Indian Parliament because the Parliament has declared Ladakh as a Union Territory of India and Leh is its headquarters.

A reply to the notice has been sought within the day of the notice. Earlier, a notice was sent to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to show Leh being part of China.


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