Ranbir Singh is in the headlines again, the reason for the rap of his picture

Ranveer Singh is currently discussing ‘Alley Boy’. Ranveer Singh’s film is seen shining at the box office. The film was released on Valentine’s Day on February 14, but the film surpassed many other films in terms of earnings. However, another news is being published about the song ‘Apon Samay Ayega’ of this film.

A video is going viral

A few days ago, Ranbir Singh went to Delhi to attend a wedding. Ranveer Singh was involved in this marriage at that time. He drove everyone crazy by singing the song ‘Apna Samay Ayega’ from his film ‘Galli Boy’. A video of the wedding is going viral on social media, with Ranveer Singh raping and tying up Sama.

He did the same in Berlin

Let me tell you, Ranveer Singh did the same thing when he won the hearts of the audience by singing the same rap during the film festival in Berlin. This time, Ranveer also gave flowers to the people. Ranveer was accompanied by Alia and film director Zoya Akhter.


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