Ranbir Kapoor will be the hero in this movie instead of Shah Rukh!

From time to time, various news about the biopic of India’s first astronaut Rakesh Sharma kept coming. It has been in the headlines since the announcement of this film. The first name of the film was revealed by Aamir Khan, but then it was revealed a few days later that Shah Rukh Khan will do it. The names of Sushant Singh Rajput, Vicky Kaushal and Karthik Aryan also appeared later, but none could be confirmed.

Ranbir Kapoor can be seen in the picture

The discussion about Shah Rukh Khan was such that it was said that he would definitely do this film but only after the shooting of the third film of the ‘Don’ series. However, there is no news about his ‘Dawn 3’, and then it seems that his film is about to come out as it has now been revealed in the latest report that the lead of the film is coming now. Ranbir Kapoor’s name is being revealed in the introduction and the producers are going to announce the final soon.

There was no comment from Shah Rukh

For your information, let us know so far there has been no official comment from Shah Rukh Khan about the release of this film.


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