Ranbir Kapoor walks at his father’s feet, making this vow

New Delhi Ranbir Kapoor, who lost his father to illness earlier this year, is reportedly sworn in to donate organs. The actor made the announcement at an event organized by the ‘Amar Gandhi Foundation’.
Interestingly, Ranbir’s father Ishi Kapoor took the oath of organ donation in March 2014.

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Today is National Organ Donation Day. Ranbir said on the occasion, ‘I swear on organ donation. I hope that the lives of one or two will change in this way and that it will continue in the future. This will make a difference. So think about organ donation.

Awareness raising appeal
Interestingly, Alia Bhatt also spoke on the occasion. “It’s important to make people aware of this process,” he said. I think there is a need to come forward and talk about health issues. With the ‘Amar Gandhi Foundation’, many more organizations are raising awareness about organ donation.

Many actors have also taken such an oath
Tell us earlier this year Amitabh Bachchan I have also taken an oath to donate organs. Apart from these, Shwarya Rai Bachchan, Arjun Mathur, Priyanka Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan and R.K. Madhavan (R. Madhavan) also took the oath of organ donation.

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