Ranbir betrayed Deepika for Katrina, Deepika spoke of breakup – I grabbed her by the red hand

24 days ago

On September 28, 1988, Mumbai-born actor Ranbir Kapoor turned 38 years old. Ranbir was always in the headlines because of his personal life rather than his professional life. He is currently dating Alia Bhatt but Ranbir’s first and most famous affair was with Deepika Padukone.

Both of them came on the sets of ‘Bachchna Ae Hasino’. But soon both of them broke up. It is said that Ranbir betrayed Deepika for Katrina Kaif. However, Deepika herself revealed the reason for Ranbir’s breakup during an interview.

Deepika grabbed Ranbir by the red hand

– Deepika explained the reason for the breakup, “I was being fooled. Why was I in such a relationship? It would be good to have fun being unmarried. But no one knows in advance. Everyone was telling me that he is cheating. But I am someone. I didn’t listen to him. Then I grabbed him by the red hand. It took me a while to get out. But I didn’t come back after what I saw. “

– Deepika “When he (Ranbir) cheated for the first time, I felt that there is something wrong in our relationship. But when it becomes a habit, one has to understand that the problem is with the person in front. He has given, but there is no hope of return. When there is no respect, no trust, which is the pillar of a relationship, then you cannot be in such a relationship. “

Deepika broke up after a breakup with Ranbir

– Deepika said in the interview that she broke up badly after her breakup with Ranbir. He was in a state of shock. He even went into despair. Deepika further said that she has fully engaged herself to avoid loneliness.

Deepika added, “After the break up, I realized that I shouldn’t be so attached to any man. I cried a lot after the breakup. But I became a good person, thank him for that.”

Deepika went to Katrina

After Deepika, Katrina Kaif came into Ranbir’s life. Both have played each other for about 6 years. Although both are in a live-in relationship, they broke up in 201 broke.

In a media interview, Katrina said, “We need to take a break to move forward.” I take responsibility for ending this relationship. I have faced problems for which I am not responsible. I’ve always been very sensitive and I can’t change it for anyone else. But I know that as a woman you have to protect your own identity.

You are valuable to yourself, not to anyone else. You came to this world alone, you have to go alone. This thing should always be kept in mind. I’m not saying that being in love is not a good thing, being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling.

After Katrina holding Ali’s hand

Alia Bhatt entered Ranbir’s life after Katrina. The two came close to each other when in 2018 they started shooting for Ayon Mukherjee’s Brahmastra. Since then, the two have been together.


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