Rakul Preet Singh’s application, the ministry has instructed – follow the code of the program on a private TV channel

The MIB had issued directions on Rakulpreet Singh’s application.

Regarding Rakul Preet Singh’s application, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that according to the provisions of the program code, nothing in any TV program should be obscene, defamatory, false and half-truth.

New Delhi. On Friday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting asked all private satellite television channels to follow the program code. The ministry stressed that no person should be criticized, defamed or tarnished in any program.

The advice came in the wake of an application filed by actress Rakul Preet Singh in the Delhi High Court. The petition alleges that defamation proceedings are being conducted against Sushant Singh Rajput for allegedly investigating a drug case involving his death.

Broadcast content following the rules
The ministry said in its advice that it had only advised private satellite TV channels several times in the past to strictly follow certain program and advertising codes under the Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and the rules enacted under it. Broadcast Content The convention calls for the provision in the program code that no program should contain obscene, defamatory, false, or semi-truthful content.

The program should not do this
The ministry said that according to the code, criticism, defamation or image of any individual or group, parts of social, public and moral life of the country should not be wasted in any program. “All private satellite TV channels are requested to ensure compliance with the above guidelines,” he said.

On September 29, the Delhi High Court heard the plea of ​​Bollywood actor Rakul Preet Singh involved in the Sushant Singh Rajput drug case. At this point, the Delhi High Court issued a notice to the government and others. His next hearing in the High Court will now be on October 15. Rakulpreet had filed a petition against Sukant Singh Rajput in a drug case demanding that news related to him not be published or shown in the media.

During the hearing in the Delhi High Court on September 29, Rakulpreet Singh’s lawyer said that there was no criminal case against the actress, but the media was regularly spreading false rumors against her. Due to this, the image of Rakulpreet Singh is being ruined. Along with this, family and friends are also suffering.

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