Rakul Preet Singh, who is embroiled in a drug case after seeing media coverage, has asked the court to stop it.

A month ago

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Rakul Preet Singh was questioned by the NCB last Friday. At the time, he denied using drugs.

  • Rakul Preet Singh has alleged that the media is spreading fake news against him
  • When she spoke out against the media trial, the actress had gone to the High Court before

Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who was involved in the Sushant Singh Rajput death drug case, has moved the Delhi High Court. He asked the court to issue interim directions to immediately stop media reports and articles circulating against him. If the reports are to be believed, the matter could be heard next week.

The matter of summoning during the shooting has been revealed

Rakul filed the petition through his lawyers Himangshu Yadav, Aman Hingorani and Shweta Hingorani. It has been claimed that Rakul Preet Singh was shooting the film in Hyderabad. On the evening of 23 September, he was surprised by media reports that the Bureau of Narcotics Control had sent a summons to Riya Chakraborty and asked him to appear before the NCB in Mumbai on 24 September.

The summons was not issued until the morning of September 24

“The petitioner (Rakul) did not receive any summons at his Hyderabad or Mumbai address. So he stayed in Hyderabad. The petitioner’s father Colonel Kalwinder Singh (retd) confirmed the report on the morning of September 24. He decided to go to Mumbai for the flight. , From the evening of 23rd September the media started fake news that the petitioner had reached Mumbai for interrogation while he was in Hyderabad.

September 24 found the case

According to the petition, Rakul Preet Singh received the summons under Section 67 of the NDPS Act at around 11 am on September 24, which was sent through WhatsApp on September 23. It is learned that he appeared before the NCB on September 24 at 10 am. According to the application, he came to know through the NCB’s mail on September 24 that the case he has to appear in is the crime no. Recorded as MJDU / NCB / 15/2020.

Rakul has already gone to the High Court

NCB sources claimed that Rakul Preet Singh suddenly came to the fore last week after the names of Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh and fashion designer Simon Khambata were revealed in the Riya Chakraborty drug case. After that, the actress approached the Delhi High Court against the media trial. The High Court had hoped that the media would exercise restraint in news related to Rakul Preet Singh in Riya Chakraborty’s case.

Refused to take medicine

Rakul Preet Singh appeared before the NCB on Friday. During this time he admitted that he was part of a drug chat with Riya Chakraborty. However, he added that he had never used drugs. Rakul claimed that Riya had left the house with her medicine. This was discussed between the two. According to Rakul, he himself has never contacted any drug dealers.


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