Rakhi Sawant reveals, ‘Actors get drugs to maintain glamor and stay slim, I was also advised to lose weight’

Kiran JainA month ago

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Drugs are being discussed everywhere in the entertainment industry. According to Rakhi Sawant, many actors use drugs which makes them hungry. During a recent conversation with Daily Bhaskar, Rakhi revealed that many people take various medicines to keep themselves slim. But these conditions exist not only in the industry, but throughout the country.

Actors take most of the weeds (a kind of tension) that makes them hungry:

I have been involved in this industry for 15 years. I have seen that many people, whether they are actors or actresses, get drugs to preserve their glamor. Some people use these drugs for intoxication but most people do not lose their glamor and therefore take drugs. Believe me the actors mostly take weeds (a kind of pull) which makes them hungry. Girls slim, which is why they get so many projects, they look slim in front of the camera. Many actresses are under pressure not to gain weight. They are afraid that if they gain weight they will not get a job, which causes them to go into depression. They take drugs to satisfy their hunger.

I was advised to take weeds and hash (a kind of medicine):

A few years ago I also got into trouble seeing my increased weight. Suddenly I could not understand why I was gaining so much weight. At that time I was advised to take weeds and hash (a kind of medicine). I was told that these drugs are very common and most people take them to stay slim-trimmed. But I do not feel comfortable in it. I chose hot yoga instead of weeds and hash. There are a lot of actors who don’t get a chance to practice, just because people take these shortcuts which is completely wrong.

People are using drugs not only in Bollywood but all over India:

Honestly, I know a lot of people in the industry who use drugs, even though I don’t have the right to name them. People are using drugs not only in Bollywood, but all over India. See, in my opinion, Film City is considered a dream city. Many dreams come true here. The name of the industry is being tarnished due to some bad people. I would urge the next generation not to leave their families if they want to join this industry. If the kids are alone, there must be a fear of being wrong. There is nothing wrong with the shoot, so it would be wrong to defame Bollywood. If someone has done something wrong at a party or at home, then what is the fault of Bollywood?

People use drugs as body fat-cutters, depression-cutters:

There is no doubt that people use drugs to cut body fat and cut depression. There is a lot of competition in the industry, people take drugs under this pressure so that they are able to survive in it.

I am absolutely with Jaya Bachchan Zia:

In the fashion industry, apart from the acting industry, it is also common to take drugs in the field of dance. Many ministers and their sons also use drugs, why their names did not come up? Ministers who say Bollywood is slim should first peek into their recession. I am absolutely with Jaya Bachchan Zia.

Why do people call Bollywood just a sewer?

I don’t understand why people call Bollywood just a sewer? See, we have to admit that drugs are being used all over the world. Someone forgot that not only Punjab (Udta Punjab film), not even in India, there is also drug trade and people swallow it. But only Bollywood people are being targeted.


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