Rakesh Mishra’s song ‘A Raja Rang Dali Na Vitaria’ is going to make a new record, so many views!

New Delhi: Bhojpuri superstar Rakesh Mishra’s Holi special song ‘A Raja Rang Dali Na Vitaria’ (A Raja Rang Dali Na Vitaria) is moving towards a new record after joining Million Club. Published by Music Wide, Rakesh Mishra’s song has received 11,181,921 views so far, and the song has already crossed the 2 million (2,003,008) mark in just 48 hours, setting a record in the Bhojpuri music industry.

This is why Rokesh Mishra loves Bhojpuri fans so much nowadays that every one of his songs has reached millions of clubs in a very short time. Rakesh Mishra expressed his gratitude to his fans and fans for this and said that the song of Holi is also going to create a new record. The heart is touched by the love and affection of all of you. We sincerely congratulate you for this. Watch this video …

A few days ago, Rakesh Mishra’s most popular song ‘A Raja Joy Na Bahria’ crossed 200 crores. The song has received 231,159,739 so far. Meanwhile, Rokesh Mishra has created a stir in the Bhojpuri music world with his new Holi song ‘A Raja Rang Dali Na Vitaria’.

Let me tell you that the song ‘A Raja Rang Dali Na Vitaria’ has lyricist Aganda Manjaya and composer ADR Anand is once again featuring super hot actress Chandni Singh. The choreographer is MK Gupta Joy. The director is Pankaj Soni and the producer is Neeraj Singh.

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