Rajinikanth will discuss with the leaders of the temple, can announce his entry into politics!

Superstar Rajinikanth.

South Indian superstar Rajinikanth (Rajinikanth) will consult with the district secretaries of his predecessor Rajni Makkal Mandaram at a meeting at the actor’s residence Raghabendra Kalyan Mandapam. Assembly elections are scheduled for April-May 2021 in Tamil Nadu.

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  • Latest version:November 30, 2020, 6:26 AMST

Chennai. Famous South Indian film actor Rajinikanth (Rajinikanth) will hold a meeting with officials in his front office on Monday to enter politics. However, some time ago, doctors advised him not to be active in politics due to health reasons. Rajinikanth will hold consultations with his front district secretary Rajini Makkal Mandaram at a meeting at the actor’s residence Raghavendra Kalyan Mandapam.

About a month ago, Rajinikanth said he would inform the people about his political position in due course in consultation with Mandram officials. Assembly elections are scheduled for April-May 2021 in Tamil Nadu.

Sources on the agenda of the meeting indicated that Rajinikanth himself had said that he would clarify his position after discussions with officials, in which case an important announcement was expected after the meeting. It is noteworthy that the Mandram formation was seen as a pre-formed body to transform into a political party before the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

The 70-year-old nocturnal virus is at higher risk of infectionEarlier, a statement in the media said that doctors had told them, ‘You are now 70 years old. Kidney transplants have slightly weakened your body’s immune system compared to others, so you are more at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

With these aspects in mind, doctors advised Rajinikanth to stay away from politics during the epidemic. He was treated at a hospital in Singapore in 2011 for kidney problems and later had a kidney transplant at a US hospital in May 2016, the statement said. The beginning of the ‘Mandram’ organization was seen by the actor as a preparation before entering politics. The actor said he wanted to bring a political revolution in Tamil Nadu and he did not want to be the chief minister.


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