Rajinikanth agrees with the High Court’s refusal to pay Rs 5.5 lakh in taxes – we will correct it and learn from it

5 days ago

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Rajinikanth, 69, last appeared in ‘Darbar’.

  • Rajinikanth had filed an appeal against the Greater Chennai Corporation
  • During the hearing on Wednesday, the court reprimanded Rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth has admitted his mistake after the Madras High Court dismissed a petition regarding property tax. He wrote in a tweet on Thursday, “We should have gone to the Chennai Corporation instead of the Madras High Court on this matter. We will learn by correcting our mistakes.”

On Wednesday, the High Court, hearing the superstar’s plea, said it should have sent the reminder to the Chennai Corporation without wasting court time.

Marriage is a tax case of one and a half lakh rupees

The Greater Chennai Corporation had sent a notice to Rajinikanth to pay property tax of Rs.5.5 lakh for the Sriragabendra Kalyan Mandapam at the wedding hall. Rajini approached the Madras High Court, saying the claim was unfair.

Rajini wrote in her application that her marriage hall has been closed since March 24 due to Corona epidemic and lockdown. What are the tax demands when I have no income? Rajini further claimed that he had also appealed to the municipal corporation in this regard, to which no response was received.

Rajinikanth was last seen in court

Year 9 year old Rajinikanth was last seen in the movie ‘Darbar’, which was released on January 9 this year and flopped at the box office. His upcoming film ‘Annate’, the release date of which has not been announced yet.


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