Rajesh Sharma said – Sushant used to retake even after the shoot was over, Kranti Prakash Jha said – I would take them from Bihar to Thekua and Singhara

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One of the biggest hits of Sushant Singh Rajput’s career, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, turned 4 years old on Wednesday. The film was released on September 30, 2016. On this special occasion, Daily Bhaskar spoke to some of the actors who worked with Sushant in the film and got to know his experience with Sushant.

Rajesh Sharma: ‘Borrowed Cigarette’ made a magical connection with Sushant

Rajesh Sharma, who is seen as Dhoni’s school coach in the film, shared his experience and said, ‘Dhoni’s coach was also on set. Nirraj Pandey Ji introduced him. The coaches were looking at the complete opposite of me. Height, color, appearance were in no way similar. Even then the director believed me, so I gained strength. Then I played the role of Dhoni’s coach without any hesitation.

He added, ‘The other thing is that there was already chemistry in this film with Sushant. His reason was old. We have both worked on ‘Pure Desi Romance’ before. Sushant hesitantly wanted a cigarette during the shooting. After that we met on Dhoni’s set.

‘I got to the set early. Sushant later got out of his car. He had a cigarette in his hand. They came to me after smoking cigarettes on the spot and said, “Sir, you have borrowed cigarettes.” Then we occasionally smoke our cigarettes.

Then there was a big Uma Hotel in Ranchi. The kebab was very good there. Sushant took the kebab there to feed. Anupam Kherji also used to take us to that place. Then we would meet for breakfast and so on. All in all, Sushant was very fond of feeding.

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh further said, ‘Sushant did not take the scene alone. Many times he was right with the director but he also said that he did it once more. There was more talk about music than film during the shoot break. He liked the song very much. She liked my ‘No One Killed Jessica’ and ‘Love Show Te Chikan Khurana’.

‘We used to smoke cigarettes on the set, but yes, we never felt that he was abnormal or depressed or that he had an addiction. Of course not. I have even more objections to why people relate someone’s personal habits to their profession. ‘

But everyone has worked hard on this film. Sushant’s sacrifice was also exemplary. Dhoni’s footsteps, the quality with which he incorporated his habit, was a big issue in itself. He watched Dhoni’s video thousands of times, met hundreds of people, then could appear in films like his. It is understandable how devoted he was to the character.

Kranti Prakash Jha: Sushant and I start addressing each other from Dhoni picture to Bhabana

Kranti, who is seen as Sushant’s friend in the film, said, “There are a lot of stories about the film and Sushant. There is a scene in the film when we leave the Kolkata airport near Sushant in the incarnation of Dhoni. There was a location in front of Ranchi, where we all stopped at a heart-shaped place. I got out of the car and talked a lot. There was talk of fighting, spirituality and so on

‘In Mumbai, we were shooting another series. Sushant told everyone about his dream there. At this time he was going to do ‘Chandmama’. What kind of person he was is clear from these two sentences. We both used to address each other with fear.

Vibha had been practicing for a long time in the helicopter in the photo shoot. To be honest, he also told me the details of that shot. After filming that sequence, the set had a great atmosphere. He also had to come home. After release I came to my home in Bihar. From there he returned to Mumbai and brought Thekuya Sinhara. We spent three to four hours together. Patna remembered a lot. After 2016, he could not meet her. There was talk in the message.

Kranti Prakash Jha and Sushant.

Kranti Prakash Jha and Sushant.

He never got frustrated during the shooting. A lot is being speculated, even if I guess it won’t be right. He used to have a big smile on his face. My web series came out ‘Bloody’. I texted them at the time, but I couldn’t reach them if their numbers kept changing. So there was no response from them.

(As both actors told Amit Karna)


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