Rajasthan: Kangana’s brother Akshat tied the knot with Ritu in Lake City during the Rajasthani theme show

Kangana welcomed her sister by tweeting and wrote ‘Welcome to our family Ritu (Photo credit / @Kanganatim Twitter handle)

Film star Kangana Ranaut’s brother Akshat got married in Udaipur, a Rajasthani themed wedding destination today.

Udaipur. Akshat Ranaut, the brother of actress Kangana Ranaut, has been involved in seven rounds with Itu Tu Sangwan today. The world famous wedding destination was Udaipur where the Rajasthani themed wedding took place. Now the evening reception will be held in the evening. Because of Corona, only selected guests were invited to the wedding. Members of the Ranaut and Sangwan families were present at the wedding ceremony held at Hotel Leela Palace in Lexington.

Actress Kangana, Her sister Rangoli and her family members and the girl arrived in Udaipur two days ago. On Wednesday, Kangana’s family members were dancing to Rajasthani songs during the Mehndi ceremony. The hotel was crowded with Rajasthani folk dances. The guests liked the Rajasthani food very much. The whole wedding ceremony was in Rajasthani royal theme. At this time, the hotel was decorated with a Rajasthani theme.

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Kangana’s family will go to Jagat village to get the blessings of Kuldevi
The family goddess of Kangana Ranaut is located in Jagat village of Udaipur. After the wedding ceremony, the entire family of the newly married bride and Kangana will go to the village to see the goddess Ambika. It is said that in the afternoon, the bride and groom will meet the family members and receive blessings from mother Ambika.

Kangana shared the wedding photos on social media
After her brother’s wedding, Kangana Ranaut shared a lot of wedding photos and videos on social media. Kangana went to greet her sister-in-law and wrote, ‘Welcome to our family Ritu’. Guests attending the wedding praised Udaipur. He was also very happy to come here.


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