Radhika Madan’s crazy look in the teaser of ‘People don’t hurt’

For actresses from non-film backgrounds, both words prove troublesome. You’re right. One is patriarchy which is called patriarchal behavior in Hindi and the other popular word is nepotism which is called nepotism in Hindi. But the question is, what is Radhika Madan doing in a titular film like ‘Mard Ko Dar Hoga Hai’, which has garnered a lot of praise for her debut film ‘Patkha’?

Radhika will be seen in this film soon

Radhika Madan recently did a huge Bharadwaj film ‘Patkha’ in which she acted brilliantly. In this film, Sania Malhotra and Sunil Grover were seen with him. In this video, Radhika also says that I have set foot in Bollywood. After which he was seen to be killed. Not only that, this film is a debut film of Hero Material Star Kid Abhimanyu Dasani where he is ready to explode like a flame.


Radhika is doing that People feel pain

If you are seriously thinking about what this ‘girl’ is doing in the story of this ‘girl’, then after watching the teaser of this film, you decide for yourself who is in their masculine style, whose pain should be felt during the fight? ‘Mard Ko Dar Hat Hai’ has been produced by RSVP Films and directed by Bhasan Bala. The film will be released nationwide on March 21.


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