Radhika Apte said – you feel safe, Mandana Karimi says – women are abusing power; Ex-wife Kalki Kochlin supported

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  • Radhika Apte, Mandana Karimi and Kalki Pael Ghosh have come out to defend Anurag Kashyap over the Metu allegations, Radhika said, ‘I have always felt safe in your presence’

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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has come to the rescue of many actresses in the film industry alleging sexual harassment. Actress Radhika Apte, Kalki Kochlin and Mandana Karimi recently defended Kashyap by writing a post on social media. Earlier, Tapsi Pannu and Anurag’s first wife Aarti Bajaj also rescued him.

Radhika defended the affection and wrote that from the day I came to know you, I have always felt very safe in your presence. Kashyap’s ex-wife Kalki wrote in her defense that you have fought for women’s freedom in your script and stand firmly in your place.

Radhika said – you feel safe

Actress Radhika Apte wrote in her post on behalf of Anurag, ‘Anurag Kashyap you were a very close friend of mine. You have inspired me and always supported me. You have always considered me as one and I also love this mutual love and respect for each other. From the day I came to know you, I have always felt very safe in your presence. You have always been and will continue to be my faithful friend. Love you

Kalki writes – You have fought women

Kali Kochlin, Anurag’s second wife, wrote, ‘Dear Anurag, this social media circus will not reach you. You have fought for the freedom of women in your script. You have protected his integrity in his professional life as well as in his personal life. I have witnessed it. You have always considered me as your equal in your personal and professional life, you have stood by me even after divorce and you supported me even though I felt insecure in the work environment then so we were not even married then.

‘Keep doing what you are doing’

He further wrote, ‘In a strange time where everyone insults each other and makes false claims without any attack, it is extremely dangerous and disgusting. It is destroying family, friends and the country. But there is also a place of dignity, which is beyond this virtual bloodshed. A place that pays attention to the needy around you, a place where no one sees you, and I know you are very familiar with that place. Stay in that place with dignity and continue the work you do. Love from ex-wife. ‘

Anurag and Kalki were married in April 2011. The two separated in November 2013. It was the second marriage of affection.

Mandana writes – You came as a guardian

Iranian-born Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi writes, ‘Dear Anurag Kashyap, you showed me a direction I would never see. You came as a guardian when I lost hope from people. I left the industry thinking that women who are looking for a safe and dignified work environment, this industry is not for them. Then you came like an angel like a guardian, you made me part of your family, you showed me the way forward. ‘

‘You taught me to distinguish between people’

You didn’t give me a job, but taught me how to get a job through your talent and hard work. I have learned to distinguish between a real person and anyone who wants to take advantage of my situation and I have learned this hard. I was a part of the #Metu movement and today the media is asking me to speak out against you. Do they know who you are? ‘

‘Women are abusing their power’

Mandana further writes, ‘Women are abusing the power we fought for. How can such a world be expected? Where we want our heroes behind bars. I want to fight for you, I want to stand by you in this fight, but I have lost hope from people again. But I still believe in you and I know that you can win this battle and every challenge of life. Because you are light. ‘I tell you that he has acted in a few more films including Karimi Roy, Bhag Johnny, Maine and Charles, Keya Cool Hai Hum 3.

Tapsi also saved Pannu

Earlier on Sunday, Tapsi Pannu also protected Anurag by sharing a post. In her post, she writes, ‘My friend for you, the greatest feminist I know. Soon you will see more artwork being created on the sets, which will show how powerful and important the women of the world you have created are. “

The first wife also protected the affection

Anurag Kashyap’s first wife Aarti Bajaj has also come out in support of her ex-husband. Aarti also wrote a post on Sunday alleging Payal. In it he said that honesty seems to be completely over. The world is full of losers, there is no brain left, and people are thirsty for the blood of those who raise their voices. This is the cheapest stunt I’ve ever seen. At first he was angry at these allegations but later laughed a lot. Because there is no other way to trap anyone. Anurag and Aarti separated after 200 years together.

Payal Ghosh to the accused Anurag

An actress named Payal Ghosh has recently complained of sexual harassment against Anurag. According to Pawel, when he visited Anurag’s house on Yari Road in 2014-15, he tried to strengthen the relationship with her. At that time Anurag was making his film ‘Bombay Velvet’. However, the filmmaker has made it clear on social media that all the allegations of the actress have been dismissed as baseless.


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