Radhika Apte did not believe in marriage, saying – I had to get married in 2012, because I needed a visa to London.

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If Radhika believes in Apte, she does not believe in marriage. Notably, she married British musician Benedict Taylor in 2012 and is currently living with him in London. However, according to Radhika, she was forced to take a visa to London.

‘Visa marries easily’

Radhika had a conversation with her sold aunt on OTT platform Netflix show Wit Fix. At this point, the two answered each other’s questions that are not usually asked in an interview.

When Radhika was asked when she got married? So he replied- When I realize that you are married, you will easily get a visa. I don’t think there should be such boundaries. I do not believe in marriage. I got married because there was a visa problem and we (Radhika and Benedict) wanted to stay together. I don’t think that’s right.

Benedict Taylor and Radhika Apte.

Benedict Taylor and Radhika Apte.

Spend the whole lockdown with Benedict

Radhika spent the entire lockdown with Benedict in London. In an interview he spoke about his routine. They said- It is common to have a routine. But at this point I ate well, practiced, tried to write and watch and did nothing.

Radhika does not like the word ‘new common’

Radhika thinks the situation will return to normal after the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine. “I don’t like the word ‘new normal’ until we get a vaccine to deal with the problem. We believe we’ll get back to normal. Once we get back believe it, then forget it,” he said.

Last seen in ‘Raat Akali Hai’

Radhika was last seen on Netflix’s webseries ‘Raat Akali Hai’. Nawazuddin Siddiqui also played an important role in these web series published in July. Hani Trihan, the casting director from the series, made his directorial debut.


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