Rabina was incredible due to injury during the shooting of ‘Pathar Ke Phul’, Salman regained consciousness and helped her to cry.

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Bollywood actress Rabina Tandon is celebrating her 46th birthday on October 26. Rabina made her debut in 1991 with Pathar Ke Phul (1991). Salman Khan was his first hero. Salman and Rabin’s friendship is still intact since the time of ‘Pathar Phul’. The two have worked together in films like ‘Andaaz Apna’ (1994) and ‘Kahini Par Na Ho Jaaye’ (2000).

Rabin fainted during the shooting

Rabin shared an anecdote with Dainikvaskar on the occasion of his birthday while making ‘Pathar Ke Phul’.

He said – I had to skate a song from the movie Tu Chaliya Laga Hai – but I didn’t know skating, so I almost fell in every shot. Once we were shooting at Nariman Point in Mumbai and there was a lot of crowd. I feel embarrassed. In one shot it fell very badly on my back and hit me hard in the head, which knocked me unconscious. Everyone became anxious. When I opened my eyes, Salman was taking my name and people were pouring water on my face. I was so embarrassed that I started crying. Like Salman he entertains kids, he says the ant died with me. Ant Mary then I started laughing out loud.

Rabin came to film from modeling

Her first meeting with Rabin Salman and Kiran Junejar also talked about the beginning of her acting career on the online chat show ‘Inside Talk’. According to him, when he was in college, he did a few modeling projects with Ed Guru Prahlad Kakkar.

“When I was doing an internship with Prahlad Kakkar, people told me what I was doing behind the camera. Why not act in front of the camera in public?” He added, “I was a free-standing model in Prahlad’s company Genesis. Whenever a model came to work, Prahlad used to say, ‘Dress Rabina after dress.”

The story of Salman’s first meeting

Sharing an episode of her first meeting with Salman Khan, Rabina said that one day she was shooting in Bandra. Then came the phone call from his friend Bunty, who was also Salman’s friend. Bunty asks Rabina if they are around? If you are, come out and meet them.

When he went out to meet Bunty, he also appeared with her. Salman G.P. Sippy was looking for a new girl to produce his new film ‘Pathar Ke Phul’. Rabin’s friend Salman advised him to visit.

He said, “I said yes to the picture. My friends get excited when they hear this. After that, you don’t have to do any pictures or talk, but you can do it. But then look back when I started working on the picture.” Did not “


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