Rabina Tandon said that celebrities are soft targets but medicines cannot be provided without the blessings of the local authorities.

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  • After summoning NCB Deepika Padukone and others, Rabina Tandon said celebrities are soft targets but drugs cannot be supplied without local authorities.

A month ago

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Bollywood has become exposed to drugs. Meanwhile, many A-listers have had their face masks removed. The names of Deepika, Shraddha, Rakulpreet and Sara Ali Khan have been published. The NCB has summoned all these celebrities for questioning, while Rabina Tendon has made a big statement. Ravina said the medicine could not be supplied without the blessings of the local authorities.

Rabin accused in two tweets

In two of her tweets, Ravina targeted local authorities. He says – the big people in my tweets. No drug supply can take place without the blessing of the local authorities. These big fish swim freely. If a journalist can reach out to these suppliers with a stalk. So are the officers not getting their scent? Celebrities are soft targets.

In another tweet, he said that suppliers are available outside schools, colleges, pubs and restaurants. Drug syndicates involving many powerful individuals ruin the lives of youth by closing their eyes. Remove it from the root. Don’t stop here. A big fight against drugs should be spread across the country.

Rabina is happy with the cleanliness of Bollywood

Earlier, Raveena had said that there should be a big cleaning drive in the industry. In a tweet three days ago he wrote that the best time to clean up. This is welcome. It will be helpful for our incoming young generation. Start from here and reach every sector of course. Take it off. All culprits, traders and suppliers should be punished. Big people who take advantage should also be caught, who keep a close eye and see the waste of people

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