R: The release date of the movie Dal Gaya, will hit the theaters on this day

Actor John Abraham is doing multiple films these days. Nowadays he is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Raw’. Multiple videos of the film are also being released. Another piece of information related to this film is being published, which is very special.

The release date of the film has changed

John Abraham’s film ‘Raw’ was first released on April 12. But now at the last minute the filmmakers are planning to change its release date. In fact, on April 17 Karan Johar is going to release his banner film ‘Scandal’. In such a scenario, if ‘Glass’ is released just a week before ‘Stigma’, its earnings will be significantly lost, which is why the manufacturers decided to release it themselves on April 4th. Cinemablitz reports that the producers of ‘Raw’ do not want to affect the film’s earnings for any reason.

The real detective is inspired by the story

I tell you, John Abraham’s picture ‘Raw’ is inspired by the story of a real detective who lived to serve his country, but very few people know him. This film is directed by Ravi Grewal. Apart from John, actors like Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Jackie Shroff and Sikander Kher will also be seen in the film.


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