Quarrel: Kangana Ranaut’s anger erupts over Karan Johar

Bollywood’s Manikarnika i.e. Kangana Ranaut is in the news nowadays. Kangana is always in the discussion about her impeccable style. Kanganai debated nepotism in the industry and brought the issue to the fore. Kangana and Karan have been at loggerheads since the beginning of the controversy. Recently, Kangana came to participate in the 18th edition of India Today Conclave. Where Kangana once again targeted director Karan Johar.

The actress said, “Karan Johar made fun of me on the IFA stage and told me about nepotism.” He called me unemployed. Said I want work from him. I said, look at my talent and watch my movies. Really what. He called me Baker on a platform in London. I think some people should eat Chavanpros. “

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Kangana told here how she got here after facing the worst situation of her life. Kangana said she thinks every day about how to get out of the way. This style of Kangna is really amazing. Which his fans like very much.


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