Quarrel: Binara owner Commander condemns on Twitter against Abhinav Abhinandan, Swara Bhaskar Marlen, read

Not just India and Pakistan, but tensions between Pakistan and India are making headlines these days. Where the Wing Commander on Wednesday congratulated Abhinandan after his capture in Pakistan. Where today the government of Pakistan has decided to release him tomorrow. However, a Pakistani actress Bhakta Malik has poisoned the Indian hero on Twitter.

The actress wrote these comments and retweeted many Indian stars. In addition to mocking India, he also gave a mustache of fancy congratulations to the Commander of the India IAF Wing. In her tweet, the actress wrote, “Hello, all my Bollywood friends, don’t mess with us. In another tweet, she wrote,” Avi Avi To Aaye Ho … Good Guest Nawazi Hogi Apanki. ”

Swar Bhaskar wrote in reply to Veena’s tweet, “Veena ji, you and your sick mentality will be ashamed. Our officer is a hero. He is brave, compassionate and respectful. At least not like the Major inside you who is questioning the Wing Commander. Also like the Pakistanis who He wants peace. ”

Soumya Tandon is also an actress, veena owner. “It is unbelievable that such a person can tweet like this,” Soumya Bira wrote in reply. Very sad.

Veena was seen on the show ‘Bigg Boss 4’ in India. At the same time, after this attack, he can no longer see them on any show in India.


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