Punishment for violating the rules: Rashmi was riding a bike without a helmet while firing a rocket, the consignment was cut off before firing

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30 minutes ago

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Tapsi Pannu was recently shooting for Rashmi Rocket. His shipment was cut off just before the biking scene. Because they did not wear helmets. He shared a picture of the incident with her on Instagram. In the photo, he is seen sitting on a denim-wearing bike and not wearing a helmet.

Rashmi Rocket is a sports drama
Tapsi writes – just before the fine for not wearing a helmet. Many celebrities have commented and liked Tapsi’s post. Commenting on the comment, director Anubhav Sinha wrote- They will not find you on such a bike. Rashmi has shared many pictures from the rocket set before. This is a sports drama. Which is being built under the management of Akash Khurana. Apart from this, Tapsi has films like Hapin Dilruba, Loop Rapita and Shabash Mithu.

Tepsi heard the tragedy
Tapsi recently shared the story of her struggle in an interview with Filmfare. He said- I have given a lot. Not to be outdone, I changed because the protagonist’s wife doesn’t want me to take part in the film. When I was dubbing a film, I was told that Hero doesn’t like my dialogues so I should change. When I refused to do it, they got the job done by the dubbing artist behind my back.


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