Pulwama terror attack: Now Ravina has taken such a commendable step, you will appreciate it too

Many Bollywood stars have come forward to help the families of the soldiers killed in the Pulwama terror attack. Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, music director Khayyam and Salman Khan have announced help. Now actress Rabina Tandon’s name has also been added to this list. Rabin has made a very good announcement.

Rabina teaches children

Recently, in an interview with the media in Mumbai, Rabina Tandon said that she is fully working on the education of the girls of the martyrs. Ravenna said her NGO was already arranging for the education of the children of the martyrs. Ravenna said, ‘This is an occasion when everyone should come forward and contribute what they can. Whether it’s large or small, there’s a long way to go here and yes, I’ve taken on the responsibility of educating girls but I’m not just limiting it to girls. We are working on educating girls first. Not just girls, we will finish the education of all the children of the martyrs. It is not only for the families of the martyrs of the Pulwama attack, but for all our jawans and all the martyrs for My Foundation will look after their education and also provide scholarships.

Pakistani artists have been banned

Following the attack, the All India Cinema Workers Association, an organization of the film industry, announced a complete ban on Pakistani actors and artists working in the Indian film industry. Regarding this decision, Rabina said, ‘I am definitely in favor of his decision … because this is not the time for cultural exchange. We are all extremely hurt and upset by this attack.


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