Puja Bedi said something in favor of Milind Soman, became a troll himself

New Delhi: Recent actors and super models Milind Somen Celebrating his birthday Milind posted a picture on social media on his birthday, after which the controversy that arose is not going to end. Milind shared a nude photo while running on the beach. Many celebrities have responded to Milind’s post. Pooja Bedi reacted to Milind’s nude photo.

Compare with Naga Baba
Pooja Bedi, known for being brave in her own time, tweeted that she could not find pictures of Milind obscene. He also wrote a tweet on behalf of Milind, sharing pictures of some Naga saints. Pooja Bedi wrote in a tweet, ‘That picture of Milind Soman was not obscene. Those who are reacting to this picture have pornographic images in their minds. Milind’s mistake is that he looks good and is famous. If being naked is a crime, Naga Baba should be arrested.

Worship came at the target of people
Speaking on behalf of Milind, users did not like the arrest of Naga saints. Puja is being trolled in this post. People are calling him anti-Hindu. So many are demanding to block his post.

Let me tell you that Milind recently shared a photo while running naked on the occasion of his 55th birthday. Milind wrote, ‘Happy birthday to me’ while sharing this photo. This picture of Milind was clicked by his wife Ankita. Guyana police have registered an FIR against Milind for taking pictures. The actor has been sued under Section 294 of the IPC and other sections of IT technology.

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