Priyanka’s interview goes viral: Choreographer scolds Priyanka for not giving perfect shot despite having 40 technologies

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9 minutes ago

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An old interview of Priyanka Chopra is going viral on social media, where she talks about the early part of her career. Priyanka made her Bollywood debut as the lead actress in the 2003 film Andaaz. During the shooting of a song in the same film, when Priyanka could not give a proper shot even after 40 retakes, the choreographer scolded her.

The choreographer threw Mike

Priyanka said in the interview, “It was one of my first songs. I had a lot to gain then. I remember when choreographer Raju Khan (Saroj Khan’s son) failed to come out even after taking the shot 40 times) threw his mic and said – you miss World, do you think you can be an actress? Go learn dance, then perform. “

Pregnant Twinkle Khanna proved to be a boon

Priyanka further said that at this time Akshay Kumar’s wife started Twinkle Labor Pan, the schedule was put off for some time. He used this time to learn wood. “If you don’t know anything, if you have a desire to get something, if you prepare yourself, you can make yourself better than others,” he said.

Tood understands the importance of practice for the first time

According to Priyanka, she was taught by Kathak Pandit Biru Krishnan. For this, he practiced 6-6 hours every day. According to the actress, it was from here that she realized the importance of practice. Because when he returned to the set after learning the narrator, he was already a very good dancer.


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